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Note: this album is on Bandcamp as well. However, Bandcamp Free is limited to 200 downloads, so I decided to upload this album right here. It's only here for those who want to download the album.

You can use these songs, sure. You can do whatever the hell you want with these, but only if you ask me permission. This is why I added comments below. I will respond to these comments whenever it's possible.

HORRORSCOPE is an album/mixtape/EP/whatever. It consists of 10 tracks. Some tracks are more calm than the others, some are louder than the others. I really enjoyed making this album, and I hope that you enjoy listening to these tracks as well.


1. Airplane

2. Boss

3. No Drama

4. Salads Hmmm

5. Whacker

6. Diahrrea

7. Arrival

8. Getting Tracks

9. Bachelor

10. Factory

Enjoy. If this album gets downloaded 100 times I create a sequel to this album. Thank you!

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Published1 year ago


nuuup - HORRORSCOPE.zip (38 MB)

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